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The Benefits of Responsibly Plant-Based Natural Sensory Enhancers

Learn about Inolex’s range of Sensory Emollients, Emulsifiers, and Texturizers that are derived from biodiverse feedstocks.

Watch Our 5 Minute Overview:

Watch the full on-demand webinar: "Designing sustainable ingredients for the future of health, beauty, and wellness" to learn more about Inolex's breakthrough technology, responsibly plant-based solutions, and transparent and verified processes. Together, we can create better ingredients for a better world.


Sustainable, Safe, and Accepted

Environmental Sustainability

Green chemistry design is the foundation of sustainable ingredients. Responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients are an intentional choice that improve your products' environmental sustainability profile. Formulate with Inolex's SustOleo™ Series of sensory enhancers to reduce your environmental impact and appeal to consumers seeking eco-friendly products.

Verified Safety

Human, animal, and environmental safety are cost-of-entry for beauty ingredients. Inolex is a leader in establishing safety and transparency standards for our ingredients. The SustOleo™ Series is safe for people, vegan and cruelty-free, and biodegradable.

Market Accepted

Consumer ingredient acceptance is critical for a brand's success. Consumer demand for natural and sustainable products continues to grow, and ingredients derived from responsibly sourced plant feedstocks can differentiate products on the market. Formulating with SustOleo™ natural sensory enhancers helps you appeal to consumers through unique sensory experiences and environmental responsibility.

Why Formulate with Sensory Enhancers that Support Biodiversity?

Inolex's SustOleo™ Series ingredients are designed to provide high-performance alternatives to traditional cosmetic ingredients, with excellent stability, functionality, and sensory characteristics. With growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable cosmetics, formulating with the SustOleo™ Series can help your brand meet this demand and stand out in the marketplace.

Featured Sensory Enhancers

SustOleo™ DCS

Sustainable All-Purpose Emollient
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Color pigment & UV filter dispersing emollient
  • Silicone-like afterfeel
  • Excellent for natural deodorant applications
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SustOleo™ MCT

Medium Chain Triglyceride
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Medium chain triglyceride emollient
  • Comparable sensory to caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • Nourishing after feel with low residue
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SustOleo™ TL

Natural Powder-to-Liquid Texturizer
  • Dual melting points for unique sensory
  • Improve sensory in powder dry shampoo
  • Creates transformational experience
  • 100% coconut-derived
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SustOleo™ TSB

Buttery Texturizer and Structuring Agent
  • Rich, buttery skin-feel
  • 100% derived from brassica
  • Fast breakdown and quick absorbing
  • Semi-solid emollient
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SustOleo™ BA

Brassica-Derived Structuring Agent
  • Build viscosity & stabilize emulsions
  • Fatty alcohol derived from non-palm sources
  • 55°C melting point
  • Vegan and COSMOS approved
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SustOleo™ BG

Brassica-Derived Co-Emulsifier
  • Create soft textures and easy pick-up
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Create soft lamellar structure
  • Translucent appearance in formulation
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SustOleo™ GMS

Olive-Derived Nonionic Emulsifier
  • Non-palm glyceryl monostearate
  • Co-emulsifier & structuring agent
  • 100% natural, COSMOS approved
  • Build high viscosity
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SustOleo™ GMS-SE

Olive-Derived Anionic Emulsifier
  • Self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate
  • 100% natural derived from non-palm sources
  • Primary emulsifier for O/W systems
  • Creamy texture and firm structure
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Explore Our Sensory Enhancer Prototypes

Sensory by SustOleo™ Demo Set

Compare the unique textures of 3 different sensory enhancers in a basic lotion formulation: SustOleo™ MCT, SustOleo™ TSB, and SustOleo™ TL.

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Color Care Conditioner

This creamy conditioner is 100% biobased with a new breakthrough in amino-acid based hair care, AminoSensyl™ HC, that conditions, smooths and strengthens all hair types.

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The Shampoo Bar

A sustainable take on a traditional shampoo, this waterless bar cleans without stripping. AminoSensyl™ HC rehydrates and conditions hair. LexFeel™ N5 MB provides combability with the benefit of silicone-free.

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The Hair Mask

This creamy solid hair mask uses the amino-acid based amino lipid, AminoSensyl™ HC to deeply nourish the hair and LexFeel™ N350 MB to provide color protection.

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The Dry Shampoo

This non-aerosol format is a powder dry shampoo in a recyclable container made from recycled materials. It absorbs oil and refreshes hair with a soft and smooth feel. Natural and traceable oils from Provence, France soothe the scalp.

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HempHair Hydrating Conditioner

A conditioner of 99% certified biobased content. Utilizing cannabis-based non-quat conditioning system, ProCondition™ Sativa, this conditioner makes for a great cannabis story for hair care.

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Gentle Exfoliating Cream Cleanser

This creamy soft cleanser, exfoliates the outer levels of the skin to reveal a bright and rejuvenated complexion. It simultaneously conditions the skin which preps it for the next steps in the routine.

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SativaSkin Priming Serum with CBD

Prep your skincare routine with CBD and get a soft, dewy look. This silicone-free primer is versatile, vegan, and 95% biobased content.

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Icy Air Cream

Experience a whimsical winter with this airy and icy skin cream. It is lightweight in pick-up and after-feel with a subtly crystalized appearance.

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SPF 80 Sunscreen

A high SPF recreational sunscreen that gives superior sensorial and protection for your skin.

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UnVisible Sunscreen SPF35

The UnVisible Sunscreen uses inorganic UV filters for SPF 35 protection and a pigment combination, dispersed with LexFeel™ WOW DT, that eliminates the white chalky appearance on all skin tones.

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Natural Glow CC Cream SPF15

Prime, moisturize, protect in one step. The Natural Glow CC Cream leaves the skin soft and hydrated while protecting from the sun with SPF 15. Covers blemishes and imperfections for an all-day glow.

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Butter Frosting

A silky body butter reminiscent of homemade frosting. The dynamic sensory experience begins with a firm viscous texture that quickly melts into the skin for a smooth, silky finish.

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The Deodorant

This natural deodorant has a smooth glide and dry finish on skin. Natural anti-bacterial agents prohibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

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The Solid Moisturizer

This is a sustainable and waterless take on a typical body moisturizer. Combining natural butters, plant-based emollients, and soft solid texturizers creates a unique experience without the need for plastic packaging.

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