SustOleo™ TL


Natural Powder-to-Liquid Texturizer

SustOleo™ TL is a non-palm, 100% natural solid-to-liquid emollient that provides unique textures and sensorial properties.

  • Rapid absorption
  • Fast drying
  • Light and powdery afterfeel
  • In powder formulas, prevents clumping
  • In powder formulas, provides easy spreading and soft, smooth texture
  • Dual melting points gives unique cascading sensory effect
  • Oxidation resistant for long-term stability

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Standards & Certifications

100% Natural
100% USDA certified biobased content
Natural Origin Index: 1.0
COSMOS Approved
NATRUE Approved
NSF/ANSI 305 Approved
Clean Beauty Preferred
Non-palm Derived
China IECIC Listed
Halal Certified
Vegan & Cruelty-free
Kosher Compliant
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Additional Information

How to Use

Recommended Use Level: 0.5 - 10%

Use Instruction:

  • For most formulation types: add to oil phase and heat to 50°C
  • For powder formulations: add to powder phase and mix until uniform

Primary Feedstocks

  • Coconut

For more information about the origin and processing of this ingredient, please request a Technical & Regulatory Dossier.

The Science Behind

SustOleo™ TL has a polymorphic crystalline structure which means that it has two distinct crystalline phases. This polymorphic crystalline structure creates two distinct melt points. Both SustOleo TL melt points are close to skin temperature, which creates a unique dual sensory effect.

Prototypes Created With This Product

The Dry Shampoo

This non-aerosol format is a powder dry shampoo in a recyclable container made from recycled materials. It absorbs oil and refreshes hair with a soft and smooth feel. Natural and traceable oils from Provence, France soothe the scalp.

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Sensory by SustOleo™ Set

Compare the unique textures of 3 different sensory enhancers in a basic lotion formulation: SustOleo™ MCT, SustOleo™ TSB, and SustOleo™ TL.

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Icy Air Cream

Experience a whimsical winter with this airy and icy skin cream. It is lightweight in pick-up and after-feel with a subtly crystalized appearance.

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The Deodorant

This natural deodorant has a smooth glide and dry finish on skin. Natural anti-bacterial agents prohibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

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The Solid Moisturizer

This is a sustainable and waterless take on a typical body moisturizer. Combining natural butters, plant-based emollients, and soft solid texturizers creates a unique experience without the need for plastic packaging.

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