Meet our team, and you'll quickly understand why we say our people are our greatest strength. We value the expertise and perspectives that each individual contributes. We also admire the dynamics of a well calibrated team. Above all, what really sets us apart is the hands-on, respectful, and collaborative mindset that all of us at Inolex share.

Research & Development

Our R&D Team speaks a common language dedicated to strong science, superior technical understanding, and relevant commercial insights. They are the visionaries of innovation and inventors of market-ready solutions. You'll find our chemists hard at work creating new molecules, supporting customers with technical needs, and designing proprietary products using the principles of green chemistry and life cycle thinking in an ever evolving pipeline. Product stewardship rounds out the team ensuring our product portfolio meets safety, regulatory, and claims standards.


Our Marketing Team ignites passion in our people, our customers, and the industries we serve. They are the journey makers, taking us by the hand to experience our products and services through smart, inspiring content—in person, on screen, and everywhere in-between. A multi-dimensional team of scientists, creatives, and communicators, these veritable brand builders bring together the technical and the on-trend to deliver exceptional experiences for each customers' unique needs.

Global Sales

Our Global Sales Team members are great listeners and even better problem solvers. Our diverse team is equipped with deep technical expertise and a savvy for understanding market trends. They are natural inspirers, with laser focus on anticipating customer needs. A unified, collaborative crew, our sales team partners with customers to find the best ingredient solutions across product performance, formulation, application, claims, and sustainability.

Global Supply Chain

Our Global Supply Chain Team knows how to connect the dots. This nimble team ensures supply continuity so that responsibly-sourced raw materials are procured to meet production schedules and finished ingredients reach our customers to meet market demand. They are experts in project management, procurement, shipping, logistics, and inventory optimizations. They are specialists in economy and efficiency, all while advancing our platform for greater sustainability.


Our Operations Team is responsible for the manufacturing of Inolex products from thoughtfully sourced raw material to finished sustainable ingredient. Leading always with safety-first, this highly skilled harmony of engineers, production operators, maintenance technicians, EHS experts, and analytical scientists keep our operations running 24/7. Behind the scenes you'll find them applying good manufacturing processes (GMP) and optimizing the anatomy of our plant processes to ensure that every batch of ingredient meets our high standards for safety, quality, and sustainability.

Shared Services

Our Shared Services Team oversees three functions: Human Resources, Finance, and Business Systems & IT. They are a department of many disciplines, but they serve a unified goal: to ensure the service culture of our company shines through. This team of business partners, analysts, accountants, developers, and information technology experts adds value across the organization to deliver internal and external stakeholders with a streamlined and Ă¼ber-positive experience.

Our Senior Leadership Team

David C.A. Plimpton

Chief Executive Officer

David Plimpton is Chief Executive Officer of Inolex. With his leadership, David continues to position the company for reinvestment and growth. He is committed to advancing the industry with innovative technologies and serving brands with ingredients for a sustainable future.

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Neil Washburn, PhD


Neil Washburn is President of Inolex. He works alongside our Leadership Team to help guide and support short-term initiatives and our long-term strategic vision, and advance our technology strategies in service to our customers.

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Mike Dall

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Dall is CFO of Inolex. Mike oversees our Finance, Human Resources, and IT & Business Systems functions, ensuring all of our stakeholders receive the highest level of leading-edge service and is responsible for the financial strategy of Inolex's global development

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Lisa Gandolfi, PhD

VP, Product and Marketing

Lisa Gandolfi is Inolex's VP, Product and Marketing. Lisa is responsible for building the company's global brand and positioning its innovative product portfolio of sustainable ingredients for growth in beauty care markets worldwide.

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Michael J. Fevola, PhD

VP, Research & Development

Michael J. Fevola is Inolex's VP, Research & Development. He is responsible for the company's technology pipeline and leading the innovation process from discovery to commercialization. Mike also manages global product stewardship and intellectual property matters.

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Arthur Knox

VP, Global Head of Sales

Arthur Knox is the VP, Global Head of Sales at Inolex, where he leads a team of commercial and technical account professionals around the world. His focus is introducing Inolex technology, building relationships, and serving our customers globally.

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Ted Laarkamp

VP, Global Supply Chain

Ted Laarkamp is Inolex's VP, Global Supply Chain. He leads the vital supply chain platform, ensuring supply continuity of raw materials and finished product. Ted also manages our manufacturing partnerships globally.

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Ron Lopez

VP, Operations

Ron Lopez is VP, Operations, Charlotte, USA. He is responsible for driving Inolex's flagship manufacturing. This includes ensuring safety compliance, manufacturing continuity, and operational efficiency across our production processes.

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Recent News about Our Team

Together We Serve: Inolex CLT Team Gives Back

October 2021
Our team in Charlotte joined forces with Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation to rally around clean and healthy waterways.

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Together We Serve: Inolex Philly Team Goes Green

September 2021
Company champions urban environmental stewardship in partnership with Fairmount Park Conservancy.

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Olivier Khuu Appointed New Chairman of UNITIS

January 2021
Overseeing the Global NCS TOX Project to bring greater transparency to the toxicological profile of botanicals.

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