Consciously sourced sustainable raw materials

Responsible procurement at Inolex begins with the intentional choice to place preference on biobased sources over petrochemical feedstocks. This supports the natural carbon cycle, reduces reliance on the petrochemical industry, and has less of an impact on climate change compared to petroleum. At Inolex we do not use animal-based or animal byproduct-based feedstocks. Within plant sourcing, we aim to ensure that the source of that plant is sustainable in terms of labor rights, ecosystem impact, and the inherent profile of the plant. This sourcing philosophy results in a highly natural, 100% vegan, people-conscious, and environment-conscious portfolio.


The genus Brassica includes many nutrient rich plants such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Within that genus, Brassica napus (rapeseed) is widely used in Inolex innovations due to the exciting performance benefits it yields and the inherently sustainable profile of the plant.

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Palm is a versatile, widely used crop. It yields much oil per land area, making it a desirable choice for high volume applications. However, negative practices within the palm industry have given the plant a bad name. Learn more about how we source 100% RSPO Mass Balance certified palm.

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This trendy plant is not a fad at all, in fact, use of the cannabis plant can be traced back to 8000 BCE. Today it is used as an eco-friendly alternative in many industries. It is common practice to use all parts of a plant that is grown for industrial purposes. Now, the world is becoming aware of the benefits of this plant beyond the medicinal uses it is best known for. For example, we use the seeds of the species Cannabis Sativa to make an innovative multi-benefit conditioning agent.

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Coconut has long been a favorite in cosmetics for its medium length carbon chains and versatile benefits in skin and hair applications. This versatility applies to using coconut and coconut oil as a cosmetic ingredient feedstock. The coconut tree yields many beneficial feedstocks, it supports the biodiversity of its ecosystems, and produces moderate land yields.

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The castor plant is naturally drought resistant and naturally resistant to most pests. It produces moderate land yields of about 350-1200 kg oil/ha/yr. While not competing with food crops, this plant thrives in a wide variety of environments. We source from members of the Sustainable Castor Association (previously known as the Pragati Initiative), which works to ensure living standards and prosperity for farmers and ecosystems. Castor is a versatile feedstock and used for many Inolex ingredients.

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Sugarcane is used as a feedstock in multiple Inolex innovations. We use Bonsucro certified sugarcane too. The Bonsucro certification indicates that sustainability has been considered and optimized throughout the entirety of the sugarcane processing. Specifically, minimal water is used in the cultivation of this sugarcane and the bagasse is used for cogeneration of electricity.

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Olive is used in our biodiverse SustOleo™ product line, serving as an alternative to palm to make SustOleo™ GMS and SustOleo™ GMS-SE. Olive oil is known in our kitchens for being rich in healthy fats. The long C-chains found in olive oil make it a great feedstock for cosmetics as well.