Vision for the Future

In 2018, we successfully transitioned our legacy manufacturing operations to a modernized, flagship facility in Charlotte, USA. It was a generational move that established our position as a manufacturer of ingredients for years ahead. Now, we are reinvesting in our talent and capabilities with sights on a new home in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Supply Network

Inolex's dedicated Supply Chain team is highly tuned-in, ensuring continuity of supply to meet global customer demand. We have a network of manufacturing and warehousing partnerships in strategic locations worldwide. Our platform helps us mitigate risks and plan for what's around the corner. We obtain feedstocks, manufacture products, and deliver ingredients to brands around the world without compromising service excellence.

Distribution Network

With our specialized distribution network, we get ingredients into our customers' hands seamlessly and efficiently. We serve all major beauty care and personal care markets, spanning more than 100 countries worldwide. We have teams around the globe to ensure our customers receive Inolex expertise along with excellent local service. This centralized platform is supported by our network of distribution teams and partners.

Explore our Flagship Manufacturing Site

Our manufacturing site in Charlotte, USA serves as our flagship facility to produce, package and ship product worldwide. Our growing global network of manufacturers include partners in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Inolex Charlotte