The Deodorant


This natural deodorant has a smooth glide and dry finish on skin. Natural anti-bacterial agents prohibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Packaged in compostable paperboard, this formulation appeals to the natural, clean, and green beauty consumer.

The Deodorant


Item Trade Name Ingredient (INCI) (w/w)%
1 LexFeel™ WOW DT* C13-16 Isoparaffin (and) Heptyl Undecylenate 22.00
2 SustOleo™ DCS* Diisooctyl Succinate 10.00
3 SustOleo™ TL* Trilaurin 2.00
4 ImerCare™ 400D Diatomaceous Earth 2.00
5 Vellaplex™ MB* Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer 5.00
6 Kaolin Kaolin 15.00
7 CORN PO4 PH "B" Distarch Phosphate 15.00
8 Cocoa Butter Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter 13.00
9 Sunflower Seed Wax 6607L Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Cera (and) Ascorbyl Palmitate (and) Tocopherol 15.00
10 Lexgard® MHG Natural MB* Methylheptylglycerin 1.00
11 Coconut & Green Tea Fragrance 1.00

Processing Procedure

1. Combine items 1 – 7 and SpeedMix at 2500rpm for 5 minutes.

2. Transfer to beaker and add items 8 and 9. Heat to 80°C with magnetic stirring until uniform.

3. Begin cooling and add items 10 and 11.

4. At 70°C, pour into suitable container and place in freezer until cooled.

Physical Properties

Beige-colored solid deodorant stick.


40 °C (12 weeks), 45 °C (12 weeks), F/T (3 cycles)

Ingredient Function

LexFeel™ WOW DT: 100% natural, rapidly absorbing, sensory enhancer with an ultra-dry finish and light, powdery skin-feel. Perfect for a barely-there aesthetic on the underarm.

SustOleo™ DCS: Lightweight sensory emollient with a soft, dry after-feel.

SustOleo™ TL: This powder sensory enhancer melts to a liquid at skin temperature creating a dynamic sensory experience. It leaves a soft, lightweight barely-there skin feel.

Lexgard® MHG Natural MB: 100% natural anti-bacterial agent which prohibits growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Vellaplex™ MB: Plant-based copolymer serves as a soft film former. Provides full even coverage of product on skin and contributes to a long-lasting, all-day wear.

Natural Origin Content

ISO 16128, includes water: 100%