We lead with conscious science to create exceptional sustainable ingredients. Guided by the Principles of Green Chemistry, our scientists and formulators discover new ways to balance science with nature and artistry, to create biobased products that are better for people and our planet.

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Pillar 1: Innovating Sustainably

We are inventors, bringing new ingredients to beauty & personal care. Sustainability is embedded in our ingredient design philosophy. We are guided by the Principles of Green Chemistry and life cycle thinking to bring our innovations forward through a holistic, transparent, and verified approach.

Green Chemistry & Ingredient Life Cycles

Ingredient life cycles begin with feedstock selection and conclude with a products' end of life. Through six key checkpoints we design and assess ingredients for optimized environmental and consumer benefits. The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry serve as the framework for our research and development. These guidelines help us identify and reduce hidden tradeoffs and provide a comprehensive approach to sustainable chemistry.

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Industry-Advancing Innovation

Sustainable design is most impactful when it solves a critical market need. For decades, Inolex has been rethinking categories of ingredients and advancing the innovation curve. Starting with paraben alternatives and biodegradable polymers in the late 90’s, silicone alternatives in the 00’s and quat alternatives in ‘10s, Inolex is leading the industry into a sustainable future.

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Standards & Certifications

We hold our ingredients to the highest standards and utilize third party verification and certification whenever possible. This practice establishes transparency. It makes it easy to identify the ingredients that suit your requirements including COSMOS, USDA BioPreferred®, biodegradable, non-palm, and more.

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Pillar 2: Operating Purposefully

We are engineers. We integrate sustainability strategies throughout all areas of the manufacturing process. This begins with a baseline respect for human and environmental safety. We ethically procure raw materials and invest in manufacturing for the efficient use of energy and water. From supply chain to production, our ingredients are made sustainably, as designed.

Efficient Manufacturing

We continually invest in equipment and practices to reduce and track our energy and water usage and outputs. This includes recycling water throughout engineering processes, utilizing moss cooling technology, and significantly reducing utility usage.

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Responsible Procurement

For our numerous plant-based ingredients, we consciously choose the plant feedstocks. We place preference on plants that are inherently low-impact or regenerative to their surrounding ecosystems. We support industry-wide initiatives whenever possible, ensuring good practices for cultivation of the plant and good social practices are followed.

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Pillar 3: Engaging Respectfully

We are citizens and we are consumers. We believe that safer chemistry creates a healthy, more beautiful world. By empowering every member of our team to be an Environmental, Health & Safety steward, Inolex has established an impressive track record of safety and accountability. Our people give their best efforts to their jobs and treat their work as an important part of their lives.

Health & Safety: From Employees to Consumers

Inolex is a member of the chemical industry contributing to consumer goods. The health and safety of our team, our customers, and consumers is of the utmost importance to us. We follow strict protocols to protect worker safety, reduce hazardous pollutants, and create chemistries that are safe for manufacturers and for end consumers.

SDG Support & Alignment

Our foundational holistic ingredient design philosophy and our daily business practices are inherently aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. Our vision and action plan for the future of our sustainability platform is to specifically focus on and contribute to the SDGs that are most material to Inolex.

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Community & Stakeholders

In this interconnected world, it is our obligation and honor to bring all our stakeholders into close community. Examples include our active memberships in industry organizations, including the SCC, RSPO, and ACI, and participation in Charlotte Mecklenburg County’s water conservation initiative. We create an open platform to dialogue, share ideas, raise questions and explore how we can respect our world through better ingredients, together.

Reporting Center

We are committed to transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. Each year we release a sustainability report detailing the progress made to our ESG programs, achievements, and areas of improvement in order to update all on sustainability development.

Policy Center

Inolex is transparent with its Environmental, Social, Governance Policies and Statements. Click below for details within each area of ESG.

Sustainability News

Inolex Joins the United Nations Global Compact

Inolex has joined the ranks of the many organizations, businesses, nations, and non-profits who are tackling sustainable development by aligning with the UNSDGs.

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Inolex Awarded Ecovadis Silver Medal

December 2021
Inolex raises its Ecovadis: Business Sustainability Ratings score placing it in the 73rd percentile of companies.

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Inolex Rolls Out Eco-Packaging for Sample Shipments

December 2021
​Our sample shipments are packaged consciously with upcycled, recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials.

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Together We Serve: Inolex Philly Team Goes Green

September 2021
Company champions urban environmental stewardship in partnership with Fairmount Park Conservancy.

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Inolex Receives Innovation Award for 100% Natural Quat-free Ingredient

February 2020
AminoSensyl™ Amino Lipid Platform wins Bronze at HPCI 2020 Mumbai.

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Inolex Receives Halal Certification for its Entire Product Portfolio

July 2021
Verifying the purity and quality of its ingredients for a halal lifestyle.

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Henkel Recognizes Inolex for Sustainable Ingredient Leadership

February 2020
Inolex's LexFeel™ D5 wins Sustainability Award as a safe, sustainable, and high-performance ingredient for Beauty Care.

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