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Rethink™ Sustainability Platform: Rethinking Conventions Delights Consumers and Improves Sustainability

Serve up a fun & new user experience while incorporating an inherently sustainable design.

Reduce: Solid formulations eliminate the need for plastic packaging. Little to no water content reduces the weight of the product, greatly reducing the carbon footprint in shipping.

The bento box carrying case is made from bamboo fiber, is stylish, multi-purpose, and reusable.

Where we do use packaging for specific prototypes, it is 100% renewable and recyclable material.

Choose Biodegradable:
We select biodegradable ingredients and packaging to ensure products are not harmful to the environment after use or disposal. The cellulose baggies that the prototypes are shipped in for protection is made from a compostable bio-plastic.

Sample all 7 Formulations

The Formulations

The Shampoo Bar

A sustainable take on a traditional shampoo, this waterless bar cleans without stripping. AminoSensyl™ HC rehydrates and conditions hair. LexFeel™ N5 MB provides combability with the benefit of silicone-free.

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The Conditioner Bar

A sustainable take on a traditional conditioner, this waterless and easy-rinse bar delivers strengthening & conditioning with amino acid based conditioning agent, AminoSensyl™ HC.

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The Hair Mask

This creamy solid hair mask uses the amino-acid based amino lipid, AminoSensyl™ HC to deeply nourish the hair and LexFeel™ N350 MB to provide color protection.

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The Cleansing Cube

BYOW (Bring Your Own Water) to cleansing with The Cleansing Cube. This no package necessary solid format gives a sustainable take a traditional face cleansing.

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The Deodorant

This natural deodorant has a smooth glide and dry finish on skin. Natural anti-bacterial agents prohibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

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The Solid Moisturizer

This is a sustainable and waterless take on a typical body moisturizer. Combining natural butters, plant-based emollients, and soft solid texturizers creates a unique experience without the need for plastic packaging.

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The Dry Shampoo

This non-aerosol format is a powder dry shampoo in a recyclable container made from recycled materials. It absorbs oil and refreshes hair with a soft and smooth feel. Natural and traceable oils from Provence, France soothe the scalp.

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These formulations tackle sustainability in a few different ways:

  1. First, in packaging. In many circumstances packaging can be eliminated by formulating a solid format. However, packaging may be necessary for certain formats (like our powder dry shampoo) or in shipping (we use a plant-based cellulose film to protect the bars).
  2. In formulation weight: reducing the weight of the formula by reducing or eliminating the water content saves carbon emissions by reducing the weight of shipments. In other words, these are highly concentrated formulas reducing the shipment of packaged water all around the world.
  3. Ingredient choice! These formulations feature natural and biodegradable technology from Inolex that enable high performing, delightful formulations.

These are about as low-waste as it gets. However, we don't like to use the term zero-waste because there is always going to be some amount of impact within the value chain of a formulation. We value progress not perfection!

Sample any of the ingredients featured in the kit to start formulating. You can recreate the formulas by visiting the prototype pages which includes processing information.

You can also sample the individual formulations or the 7-formula kit. Click on any of the items you want to sample and build a cart to place a request.

Watch How to Use the Hair Mask

This sustainable take on a hair mask brings a DIY experience to the user. Melt, stir and apply!

Ingredients Featured in the Kit

AminoSensyl™ SC

100% Natural Cationic Emulsification System
  • COSMOS approved & brassica-derived
  • Cationic amino lipid emulsification system
  • Creates lamellar gel networks
  • Stabilize high oil loads for moisturizing skin care
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AminoSensyl™ HC

100% Natural Quat-Free Hair Care System
  • Multi-benefit hair conditioning system
  • 100% natural & COSMOS approved
  • Cationic amino lipid technology
  • Smooth, define, and strengthen hair
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LexFeel® N350 MB

Dimethicone Alternative & Hair Color Protectant
  • 350 cSt dimethicone alternative
  • Hair color protection benefits
  • Improved skin-feel and wet / dry comb performance
  • 100% natural, vegan, and readily biodegradable
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LexFeel® N5 MB

100% Plant-Based Light Dimethicone Alternative
  • Matches spreading speed of 10 cSt dimethicone
  • Tack reduction properties
  • Dispersing emollient for pigments
  • 100% natural, NSF / ANSI 305 Approved
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Lexgard® Natural MB

100% Plant-Based Optimized Preservation Combination
  • 100% natural & COSMOS certified
  • Optimized bacteriostatic system
  • Emollient, co-emulsifier, & skin re-fatting agent
  • Create alternative preservation systems
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Lexgard® O

Humectant and Bacteriostatic Preservation Component
  • Widely used preservation component
  • Humectant, moisturizer, & wetting agent
  • Strong protection against bacteria
  • Alternative to traditional preservatives
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Spectrastat™ G2 Natural MB

100% Natural Broad Spectrum Preservation System
  • Plant-based preservation system
  • NATRUE approved & 100% biobased content
  • Broad spectrum performance
  • Pass industry-standard challenge test
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SustOleo™ BA

Brassica-Derived Structuring Agent
  • Build viscosity & stabilize emulsions
  • Fatty alcohol derived from non-palm sources
  • 55°C melting point
  • Vegan and COSMOS approved
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SustOleo™ DCS

Sustainable All-Purpose Emollient
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Color pigment & UV filter dispersing emollient
  • Silicone-like afterfeel
  • Excellent for natural deodorant applications
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SustOleo™ TL

Natural Powder-to-Liquid Texturizer
  • Dual melting points for unique sensory
  • Improve sensory in powder dry shampoo
  • Creates transformational experience
  • 100% coconut-derived
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Vellaplex™ MB

100% Plant-Based Moisturizer & Film Former
  • COSMOS & NATRUE approved
  • Reduce mascara smudging
  • Retain moisture in skin and body care products
  • Breathable, cushiony sensory profile
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