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The words natural, green, and clean have been buzzing around the industry for years. So much so that you’re probably sick of hearing them! Consumer claims in this category are messy and it almost feels as though the industry has thrown up its hands at the idea of defining natural and clean. However, there are tangible components of naturality and there are concrete ways to communicate this to your consumer.

Inolex’s first ever BeautyFood™ Edu-Series, Goodbye Greenwashing™, explores the wellness and transparency trends and their impact on natural claims, certification bodies, and ways to formulate more naturally without sacrificing performance.

Part 1: Wellness, Transparency, and the Evolution of Third Party Natural Certifications

The movement towards naturals in beauty & personal care has been influenced by decades of social change and attention to the environment. Unfortunately, greenwashing became rampant as companies wanted to market to environmentally-conscious consumers without putting in the work to be sustainable. Certifications have emerged to serve the purpose of validating natural claims in attempt to avoid greenwashing.

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Part 2: Certified Biobased Content Brings Transparency to Natural Claims

In a collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, Inolex explores how the USDA BioPreferred® Program brings a science-based approach to transparent and verified natural claims.

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Part 3: Formulating High Performance Natural Products

Putting everything we've learned into action, Part 3 explores how an average emulsion formulation can be transformed into plant-based wonders by swapping traditional technologies with natural innovations from Inolex.

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Featured Products

AminoSensyl™ SC

100% Natural Cationic Emulsification System
  • COSMOS approved & brassica-derived
  • Cationic amino lipid emulsification system
  • Creates lamellar gel networks
  • Stabilize high oil loads for moisturizing skin care
View Product

AminoSensyl™ HC

100% Natural Quat-Free Hair Care System
  • Multi-benefit hair conditioning system
  • 100% natural & COSMOS approved
  • Cationic amino lipid technology
  • Smooth, define, and strengthen hair
View Product

LexFeel® N350 MB

Dimethicone Alternative & Hair Color Protectant
  • 350 cSt dimethicone alternative
  • Hair color protection benefits
  • Improved skin-feel and wet / dry comb performance
  • 100% natural, vegan, and readily biodegradable
View Product

LexFeel® N5 MB

100% Plant-Based Light Dimethicone Alternative
  • Matches spreading speed of 10 cSt dimethicone
  • Tack reduction properties
  • Dispersing emollient for pigments
  • 100% natural, NSF / ANSI 305 Approved
View Product

LexFilm™ Sun Natural MB

100% Plant-Based, Biodegradable Film Former
  • 100% plant-based polymer
  • COSMOS approved
  • Optimize SPF & create water resistance
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Compatible with inorganic & organic UV filters
View Product

LipFeel™ Natural MB

100% Plant-Based Moisturizer & Gloss Enhancer
  • Humectant & moisture retention agent
  • Comparable to castor oil plus oxidative resistance
  • 100% plant-based & biodegradable
  • Enhance shine & gloss
View Product

Spectrastat™ G2 Natural MB

100% Natural Broad Spectrum Preservation System
  • Plant-based preservation system
  • NATRUE approved & 100% biobased content
  • Broad spectrum performance
  • Pass industry-standard challenge test
View Product

Vellaplex™ MB

100% Plant-Based Moisturizer & Film Former
  • COSMOS & NATRUE approved
  • Reduce mascara smudging
  • Retain moisture in skin and body care products
  • Breathable, cushiony sensory profile
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