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Traditional Preservative System
  • Combination of traditional and alternative preservation
  • Cost-effective
  • Broad spectrum performance at wide pH range
  • Pass industry standard tests
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Color Protectant & Conditioning Additive
  • Reduces static charge on hair
  • Replaces amodimethicone for silicone-free hair care
  • Provides color protection benefits
  • Clear in shampoos and 2-in-1 formulas
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Emulsense™ HC

100% Natural Cationic Hair Care System
  • Brassica-derived conditioning agent
  • Self-emulsifying cationic system
  • 100% natural & COSMOS approved
  • Green chemistry designed
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Kerabase™ LC MB

Plant-Based Hair Conditioning Chassis System
  • Complete hair conditioning system
  • Cost effective & streamlined manufacturing
  • Non-quat cationic conditioning technology
  • 98% certified biobased content
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Kerabase™ MB

Plant-Based Hair Conditioning Chassis System
  • Total conditioning base for hair shine and combability
  • Replace CTAC with quat-free conditioner
  • Streamline manufacturing with optimized system
  • 95% certified biobased content
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Kerazyne™ MB

Anti-Static & Conditioning Additive
  • Quat-free cationic conditioning additive
  • Reduce static charge
  • Improve gloss and lubricity
  • Create amodimethicone-free hair care
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Lexaine™ C MB

Natural-Derived Cleansing Surfactant
  • Secondary surfactant
  • High quality cocomidopropyl betaine
  • ISO natural origin index: 0.66
  • China IECIC Listed
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Lexamine™ S-13 MB

Conditioning Agent for Leave-on and Rinse-off Applications
  • Non-quat hair cationic conditioning system
  • Derived from RSPO Mass Balance palm
  • Co-emulsifier system creates lamellar gel networks
  • Improve wet and dry combing
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Lexemul® 515 MB

Natural Co-Emulsifier & Structuring Agent
  • 100% natural glyceryl monostearate
  • Derived from RSPO Mass Balance palm
  • Stabilize emulsions
  • Build high viscosity and firm lamellar structures
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Lexemul® 561 MB

Standard Non-ionic Emulsifier
  • Self-emulsifier
  • Compatible with wide range of formulas
  • Derived from RSPO Mass Balance palm
  • Build viscosity & stabilize
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