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Sustainable BTAC Replacement

Specialty Chemicals Magazine recently covered the launch of AminoSensyl™ Ultra MB, Inolex's new non-quat technology for conditioning hair.

This sustainable hair care technology can be used as a replacement for behentrimonlum chloride (BTAC) and behentrlmonium methosulfate (BS), offering equivalent performance in both rinse-off and leave-on formulations. It is 100% natural, in accordance with ISO 16128 natural origin index and the USDA Bio Preferred programme, and both COSMOS- and NaTrue-approved, as well as vegan, cruelty-free and readily biodegradable.

The new ingredient is a pre-neutralised combination of cationic amino lipid with a fatty alcohol, that forms lamellar liquid crystals, making it pre-optimised from a ratio perspective and thus easy to formulate. It strengthens, smooths and defines hair, and is gentle to the scalp and eyes, while the combination of being cationic and based on non-quat technology means that it is safe for aquatic environments.

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Amino lipid molecular design

Figure 1: Amino lipid example shown: Brassicyl Valinate Esylate (Brassicyl = C18-22, C22 shown).

The above diagram shows the structure of AminoSensyl™ Ultra MB. The cationic group (left) affords a natural cationic charge, which is critical to enabling conditioning products to deliver substantivity to the hair. This Is maintained naturally by using biobased amino acids which is neutralised with biobased ethanesulfonic acid.

This is the heart of our breakthrough technology because it is difficult to have a cationic charge from natural sources. It also means that the cationic charge is not permanent.

Why is this important? 

At end of life, when a rinse-off ingredient ends up in waterways, it would be ideal if the ingredient does not have aquatic toxicity and is able to biodegrade. AminoSensyl™ Ultra MB is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to fish, algae, and invertebrate. BTAC, by contrast. is irritating, aquatically toxic and petrochemically derived.

Learn more about how this COSMOS approved, non-quat complete conditioning system can improve the sustainability profile and functional benefits of your hair care products.

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AminoSensyl™ Ultra MB

Breakthrough Conditioning for Sustainable BTAC Replacement
  • Equivalent performance to BTAC
  • 100% natural & COSMOS approved
  • Cationic amino lipid technology
  • Condition, define, and strengthen hair
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AminoSensyl™ HC

100% Natural Quat-Free Hair Care System
  • Multi-benefit hair conditioning system
  • 100% natural & COSMOS approved
  • Cationic amino lipid technology
  • Smooth, define, and strengthen hair
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AminoSensyl™ SC

100% Natural Cationic Emulsification System
  • COSMOS approved & brassica-derived
  • Cationic amino lipid emulsification system
  • Creates lamellar gel networks
  • Stabilize high oil loads for moisturizing skin care
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