The castor plant, Ricinus communis, is a versatile crop for extracting oil that can be used for many different purposes. Oil from the castor seeds, also known as beans, are rich in ricinoleic acid which is an 18-carbon fatty acid useful as a feedstock for many different chemistries. The leading global producer of castor oil is India, farming 80-90% of the world's supply.

Sustainability Benefits

Castor produces moderate land yields of 350-1200 kg oil/ha/yr
Does not compete with food crops
Thrives in a wide variety of environments
Naturally drought resistant and resistant to many pests
About 3/4 of Inolex castor supply is from members of the Sustainable Castor Association
No deforestation


The Pragati Initiative championed by the Sustainable Castor Association, works to ensure good agricultural, health, and safety practices. The intentions are to increase yields and farmers' incomes and to respect human rights and the land used to grow castor.

The Sustainable Castor Association has developed a standard called the SuCCESS Supply Chain Code. Farmers can be audited and certified to this code. The organization is currently working on expanding certification process downstream the supply chain utilizing a mass balance model. Although Inolex ingredients are not yet SuCCESS certified, many are eligible and we are exploring certification for the future.

Featured Products Derived from Castor

LexFeel® Natural

COSMOS Approved Lightweight Emollient
  • 100% natural, COSMOS & NATRUE Approved
  • Replace mineral oils and silicones
  • Fast spreading and quick absorbing with excellent slip
  • Widely compliant and green chemistry designed
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SustOleo™ DCS

Sustainable All-Purpose Emollient
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Color pigment & UV filter dispersing emollient
  • Silicone-like afterfeel
  • Excellent for natural deodorant applications
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LexSolv™ Essential

100% Natural and EO-Free Solubilizer
  • Solubilizer for preservation ingredients
  • Solubilizer for essential oils and fragrances
  • Neutral odor profile
  • Easy-to-pour liquid
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SustOleo™ MCT

Medium Chain Triglyceride
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Medium chain triglyceride emollient
  • Comparable sensory to caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • Nourishing after feel with low residue
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Lexgard® MHG Natural MB

100% Natural Preservation & Anti-Soaping Agent
  • Anti-soaping effect for silicone-free emulsions
  • Odor protection for natural deodorants
  • 100% plant-based
  • Strong protection against bacteria & yeast
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LexFilm™ Sun Natural MB

100% Plant-Based, Biodegradable Film Former
  • 100% plant-based polymer
  • COSMOS approved
  • Optimize SPF & create water resistance
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Compatible with inorganic & organic UV filters
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