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SustOleo™ BA

Brassica-Derived Structuring Agent
  • Build viscosity & stabilize emulsions
  • Fatty alcohol derived from non-palm sources
  • 55°C melting point
  • Vegan and COSMOS approved
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SustOleo™ BG

Brassica-Derived Co-Emulsifier
  • Create soft textures and easy pick-up
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Create soft lamellar structure
  • Translucent appearance in formulation
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SustOleo™ DCS

Sustainable All-Purpose Emollient
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Color pigment & UV filter dispersing emollient
  • Silicone-like afterfeel
  • Excellent for natural deodorant applications
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SustOleo™ GMS

Olive-Derived Nonionic Emulsifier
  • Non-palm glyceryl monostearate
  • Co-emulsifier & structuring agent
  • 100% natural, COSMOS approved
  • Build high viscosity
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SustOleo™ GMS-SE

Olive-Derived Anionic Emulsifier
  • Self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate
  • 100% natural derived from non-palm sources
  • Primary emulsifier for O/W systems
  • Creamy texture and firm structure
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SustOleo™ MCT

Medium Chain Triglyceride
  • 100% natural from non-palm sources
  • Medium chain triglyceride emollient
  • Comparable sensory to caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • Nourishing after feel with low residue
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SustOleo™ TL

Natural Powder-to-Liquid Texturizer
  • Dual melting points for unique sensory
  • Improve sensory in powder dry shampoo
  • Creates transformational experience
  • 100% coconut-derived
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SustOleo™ TSB

Buttery Texturizer and Structuring Agent
  • Rich, buttery skin-feel
  • 100% derived from brassica
  • Fast breakdown and quick absorbing
  • Semi-solid emollient
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Vellaplex™ MB

100% Plant-Based Moisturizer & Film Former
  • COSMOS & NATRUE approved
  • Reduce mascara smudging
  • Retain moisture in skin and body care products
  • Breathable, cushiony sensory profile
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WetFilm™ MB

Water-Resistant Film Former, Clear on Wet Skin
  • Excellent for sprays and alcohol-based formulas
  • Optimize SPF & create water-resistance
  • Clear on skin, reducing whitening effect
  • Readily biodegradable
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