Acrylates are Out, Natural Polyesters are In

A case study of greener chemistry to optimize SPF values and create water resistance.

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Polyesteramine Performance: Improving Mildness in Rinse-off Cleansers

Addition of polyesteramines has been shown to reduce surfactant-induced skin irritation for development of high foaming, gentle cleansing products.

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Expert Opinions: Hand Hygiene and Care

Michael J. Fevola, PhD of INOLEX joins other industry experts to weigh-in on the changing hand hygiene market and growth trends emerging during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Goodbye Greenwashing Edu-Series

In this 3-part video series, learn how to avoid "greenwashing": the practice of marketing sustainability without reputable and verified claims support.

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Certified Biobased Content Brings Transparency to Natural Claims

Learn how to avoid greenwashing in your natural claims by using ASTM D6866, carbon-14 testing in this co-authored article by INOLEX and Beta Analytics.

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Jen Novakovich Interviews Michael Fevola about Polymers in Cosmetics

Jen Novakovich (The Eco Well) talks with Mike Fevola (INOLEX) about what polymers are, the many uses of polymers in cosmetics, polymer examples, innovation and lot’s more.

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Demand for UV Protection Grows While Regulations Change

The future of sun care is safe for skin and coral reefs, plant-based, and Hawaii compliant.

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