Arthur Knox is VP, Global Head of Personal Care Sales at Inolex, where he leads a team of relationship and technical account professionals to serve our customers globally. Prior to joining Inolex, Art served in various leadership roles over his 27-year tenure with Croda International Plc. including Managing Director Global Sales.

When we discover together with our clients what their biggest challenges are, we can find the solution.


One of our biggest opportunities is expanding our global reach and establishing really great relationships with our clients. We have an excellent set of proprietary technologies that are gaining traction in the global beauty care market. When we discover with our clients what their biggest problems are, we can find the solution. Then the rest falls into place. We want to be in a position that when a project comes up, our partners think of Inolex.

Living in Asia opened-up my eyes to different cultures and made me less US-centric. I had to adapt myself and look at business from other perspectives. This has helped me as the world has become more and more interconnected.

Having a team that is professional, well trained, motivated, and communicates is essential. Our “enterprise selling” approach requires us to share information and knowledge across regions and teams. Video is an important tool in making this happen.

I like building things. I like seeing the product of my endeavors. I used to build forts as a child, so although my career in construction didn’t go very far, I like to think my interest in architecture finds its way into building a solid sales team.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some very talented people throughout my career. I learned a great deal from them and they helped make me who I am today. I hope to have a positive impact on my team as well and inspire them to make great things happen.