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Responsibility for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues is inherently collaborative. In fact, digging into ESG topics reveals our complex global interconnectivity. This is why as a company, we are no longer pursuing our own path, but joining the ranks of the many organizations, businesses, nations, and non-profits who are tackling sustainable development.

Joining the United Nations Global Compact is a reflection of this new collective approach. For over two decades, the Global Compact has been uniting organizations around the world in support of human rights, fair and just labor, protecting the environment, and fighting corruption. Today, 16,169 companies are a part (as of August 2022).

The UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide organizations how to meet the needs of the current generation without comprising the freedoms of future peoples. Businesses are encouraged to apply the SDGs to their impact and sustainability goals.

At Inolex, we have begun to incorporate the SDG guidance into our ESG platform. The following 12 SDGs are our focus:

Innovating Sustainably....

by improving ingredient science and creating impactful and conscious products.

Operating Purposefully....

by bettering the environmental and social impact of our operations and supply chain.

Engaging Respectfully....

by creating a workplace and a community that fosters health, safe, and inclusive practices.

Inolex Alignment with UN SDGs

As we continue to build on our sustainability platform, we will remain aligned, inspired, and guided by the SDGs and the UN Global Compact Ten Principles.

For a comprehensive look at our ESG actions and latest results, read our 2021 Sustainability Report.

2021 Sustainability Report

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