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Polyesteramine Performance Improving Mildness in Rinse Off Cleansers

April 2021 — INOLEX's Brittany Pease and Michael Fevola, PhD, have co-authored the paper Polyesteramine Performance: Improving Mildness in Rinse-off Cleansers in the January 2021 edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries. The paper demonstrates the utility of polyesteramine conditioning polymers as a simple solution for increasing the mildness of surfactant-based cleansers for improved skin barrier health. By taking advantage of polyeste­ramines’ strong interactions with surfactants, formulators can use these surface-active polymers to reduce the irritation potential of traditionally harsh surfactants without compromising clarity or foaming behavior, and while simultan­eously obtaining the benefits of conditioning and viscosity enhancement in cleanser formulations. 

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PHILADELPHIA, PA, February 4, 2020 — INOLEX was honored to receive the “Sustainability Award” from Henkel Beauty Care during the Henkel Awards Reception at the 2020 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention in Orlando, Florida. The award was given for LexFeel™ D5, a sustainable, high-performance silicone alternative ingredient.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 28, 2020 —  INOLEX has exceeded industry standard by fully transitioning all palm-derived products within its portfolio exclusively to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Mass Balance certified material. The Balance & Act Program is part of INOLEX’s broader sustainability platform, which maintains the company’s commitment to help transform the palm oil industry and promote sustainable palm production and trade through the sourcing of certified, traceable raw materials.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 27, 2019 — Reducing the Cosmetic Industry’s dependency on palm derived ingredients with innovation enabling technology. INOLEX is adding to its portfolio of sustainably minded ingredients with the launch of SustOleo™ TL, a new sensory enhancing, palm-free texturizer that delivers innovation enabling technology with a sound environmental profile.

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The Root to a Clean and Healthy Scalp

August 2019 (Cosmetics Business) — John Woodruff explores cosmetic ingredients developed to improve scalp health, strengthen hair and encourage hair growth, noting INOLEX’s AminoSensyl HC:  “Obtained from purely natural sources using green chemistry and avoiding quaternary compounds is AminoSensyl HC from Inolex. Its composition is described as amino lipids derived from bio-fermentation of sugar cane glucose combined with Brassica rapa seed oil (INCI: Brassica alcohol, Brassicyl valinate esylate). It is absorbed onto damaged hair due to its natural cationic charge and optimised C18-22 carbon chain lengths. It provides a smooth and defined appearance, increases hair strength and reduces hair breakage from both rinse-off and leave-on conditioners.”

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INOLEX Ramps Up Global Sales Force With Key Regional Hires

PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 2, 2019 — Reinforcing new flagship manufacturing with prime distribution network...

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Protecting Formulas: Making More with Less

May 2019 (Cosmetics Business) — With fewer permitted preservatives deemed acceptable by consumers, and the allowed percentages of some traditional materials increasingly restricted, formulators must continue to provide antimicrobial protection with an ever-shrinking palette of ingredients. Luckily, suppliers are working hard to take the sting out of this task. John Woodruff reports. 

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DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, Corbion, INOLEX and ACT Solutions unveil collaborative range at Suppliers' Day

May 2019 (Cosmetics Business) — The personal care range will deliver high performance and up to 100% bio-based content, achieving high performance and high bio-based content formulations...

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Supplier Forum: New Concepts in Sun Care

April 2019 (Cosmetics & Toiletries) — Industry experts share how advancements in sun care ingredients are aiding in new formulations that are friendlier to the environment, with higher protection levels and enhanced benefits. Michael J. Fevola, VP Research & Development, contributes.

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INOLEX introduces next-generation conditioning ingredients

April 2019 (Cosmetics Business) — INOLEX has expanded its 100% natural amino lipid technology platform with AminoSensyl HC and AminoSensyl SC, part of its patented range of conditioning ingredients for the naturals sector...

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Inolex Amino Lipids: 100% natural and eco-friendly breakthrough hair care actives

April 2019 (Premium Business News) — Ingredient claims are very important with 28% of US consumers perceiving that natural conditioners are “better” for their hair. This multitude of global needs creates challenges for even the most experienced formulator. AminoSensyl amino lipids are the hair care market’s next evolution in high performance product development, made possible by green chemistry design. The unique and proprietary molecular design of these amino lipids incorporates a quat-free cationic head group and a readily biodegradable ester linkage, both derived from a naturally-sourced amino acid.

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Creating Highly Pigmented Lip Colors

February 2019 (Cosmetics & Toiletries) — INOLEX's LexFeel Vibrant (INCI: Palm Acid/Adipic Acid/Pentaerythritol Crosspolymer) is highlighted as an innovative structuring and pigment wetting agent that can enhance payoff and vibrancy in highly pigmented lip colors. 

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Ingredient Naturals

February 2019 (Cosmetics Business) — SPC Magazine discusses sustainability in cosmetic ingredients, highlighting INOLEX’s palm-alternative SustOleoTM range for its innovative and sustainable approach.

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Hurdle Technology: An Alternative Approach

February 2019 (Personal Care Europe) — At INOLEX we have embraced the challenge of the changing preservation landscape with safe and effective alternative preservation options. Our technology options centre on the Hurdle Technology approach to preservation. Authored by INOLEX's Lisa Gandolfi, PhD, Director of Marketing and Zongyu Zhang, PhD, Senior Scientist, Applications.

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Polymers in Cosmetics

November 2018 (The Eco Well) — Jen Novakovich, founder of The Eco Well, interviews Dr. Michael J. Fevola, VP R&D at INOLEX, during this podcast episode about what polymers are, polymer innovation, and the many uses of polymers in cosmetics.

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Jan. 13, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA USA)
INOLEX announces the sale of Lexolube

Sept. 30, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA USA)
Cristina Saiani to lead new INOLEX headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sept. 28, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA USA)
INOLEX's Daniel Sujo Awarded Delaware Valley Young Engineer of the Year

Sept. 7, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA USA)
INOLEX Appoints New Global Head of Sales
 - Art Knox

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