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Navigating the New Hand Hygiene Market

Consumer concern has continued to grow with panic buying and precautionary safety measures due to COVID-19. With these factors, it is predicted the demand for hand soap—and hand care, for that matter—will continue to escalate. According to market research firm Fact.MR, the global hand soap market is forecasted to grow by 6.7% from 2020-2030, with escalating demand closely observed in the first quarter [of 2020]. In the second quarter, demand was projected to follow an upward trend with increasing awareness about hand hygiene across regions. This demand is expected to slowly decline by the end of the third quarter, as the spread of the disease is anticipated to decline. Previously, in the third and fourth quarters of 2019, sales of hand soap grew at a nominal rate. However, medical and clinical applications have created substantial opportunities for hand soap makers for years to come.

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