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Spotlight on LexFeel® WOW

LexFeel® WOW is a lightweight, fast spreading emollient with a powdery, non-greasy afterfeel. Sensory and functional performance are equivalent to that of cyclopentasiloxane (D5). Recommended for all applications, especially high performing in hair care applications.

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Spotlight on LexFeel® Natural

LexFeel® Natural is an extremely light and dry 100% natural non-palm emollient. It is widely compliant and applicable to a wide variety of formulations.

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Spotlight on LexFeel® N350 MB

LexFeel® N350 MB is a 100% natural and sustainable sensory emollient that has the sensory feel and spreading profile of dimethicone. It provides color protection in hair care products and provides comparable conditioning to dimethicone 350 cSt.

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Featured Plant-Based Emollients & Silicone Alternatives

LexFeel® Natural

COSMOS Approved Lightweight Emollient
  • 100% natural, COSMOS & NATRUE Approved
  • Replace mineral oils and silicones
  • Fast spreading and quick absorbing with excellent slip
  • Widely compliant and green chemistry designed
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LexFeel® N350 MB

Dimethicone Alternative & Hair Color Protectant
  • 350 cSt dimethicone alternative
  • Hair color protection benefits
  • Improved skin-feel and wet / dry comb performance
  • 100% natural, vegan, and readily biodegradable
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LexFeel® N5 MB

100% Plant-Based Light Dimethicone Alternative
  • Matches spreading speed of 10 cSt dimethicone
  • Tack reduction properties
  • Dispersing emollient for pigments
  • 100% natural, NSF / ANSI 305 Approved
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LexFeel® WOW DT

100% Plant-Based Cyclomethicone Replacement
  • 100% natural cyclomethicone replacement
  • Soft, powdery afterfeel
  • Excellent for particle dispersing
  • NSF approved & biodegradable
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LexFeel® WOW

100% Plant-Based Cyclomethicone Replacement
  • 100% natural cyclomethicone replacement
  • High absorbing, fast spreading
  • Excellent for hair care applications
  • NSF approved & biodegradable
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Vellaplex™ MB

100% Plant-Based Moisturizer & Film Former
  • COSMOS & NATRUE approved
  • Reduce mascara smudging
  • Retain moisture in skin and body care products
  • Breathable, cushiony sensory profile
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Webinar: Explore Six 100% Plant-Based Silicone Alternatives & Emollients

Watch the webinar to explore plant-based sensory emollient innovations. We compare these breakthrough products to their silicone counterparts through the lens of sustainability, sensory, and formulation benefit.

Note: The original webinar was a Digital + Live event including emollient kits for an optimal sensory experience. If you would like to experience the skinfeel of the emollients, please scroll to the end of this page, request a kit, and watch the webinar once you receive your kit.

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Non-Silicone Plant-Based Sensory Emollient Kit

Experience the skinfeel of 6 plant-based sensory emollients and silicone alternatives.

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