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Inolex Joins SAFER™ - Leading a New Era of Safety Transparency

Safer ingredients lead to safer products. Safer products enable humans and the environment to thrive.

ChemFORWARD, a leader in creating broad access to chemical hazard data and safer alternatives, has launched a new safety-focused third party certification program, SAFER™, for suppliers to define safer materials through the supply chain. SAFER™ is strategically designed to help suppliers demonstrate leadership in chemical management, ensure human and environmental safety, and build trust through third-party transparency.

Inolex has joined this revolutionary platform as a pilot member championing the program's rigorous methodology and unique data sharing infrastructure.

LexFeel™ Natural is the first of our ingredients to be vetted through the program. We will look to add more ingredients to earn the SAFER™ designation throughout the coming year. You’ll know an Inolex ingredient is SAFER™ when it displays the SAFER™ mark.

"ChemFORWARD is fundamentally changing the way chemical hazard data are created, maintained, distributed, consumed and financed." – ChemFORWARD

Building Trust Throughout the Supply Chain

ChemFORWARD's SAFER™ is a platform for raw materials suppliers to verify their ingredients and market their trade names as SAFER™. The program was co-designed with leading suppliers and retailers over the last 2 years to fill a critical gap in safety data.

Using toxicologists and comprehensive hazard methodology, the program assesses an ingredient suppliers' product against rigorous human and environment impacts. Once verified as a safer alternative, ChemFORWARD houses trusted, third-party verified data on its optimization platform, and amplifies this verification through B2B Marketplace partners such as Novi, Covalo, and ChemSec Marketplace.

SAFER™ allows formulators, consumer brands, and ultimately the end consumer to make informed decisions about ingredients they trust and finished products that are the best choices for human safety and the environment.

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A United Voice to Bridge Safety

"As the ingredient manufacturer, we have a burden of proof of safety, which we take very seriously. Then we have our customers, which are the finished goods manufacturers, that must trust what we've put forward and do their own evaluation. Then the retailers have to trust what the finished goods manufacturers are saying, and ultimately the consumers have to trust the retailers. When you have an independent body that can bridge all these gaps and stay consistent through the process, I believe there's a huge opportunity. SAFER™ has the ability to educate all the way through the supply chain and be one united voice that carries us through. Ultimately this will allow consumers, retailers, brands and ingredient suppliers to speak the same language, have the same set of standards, and really line up on safety.”
- Lisa Gandolfi, PhD, VP Marketing Inolex

Meet the SAFER™ Co-Design Partners

The SAFER™ vision was realized through several co-design partners, who are helping to connect safer alternatives from manufacturer to consumer. These include, Target, Sephora, Credo, EDF, and Novi Connect.

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