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ChemFORWARD collaborates with leading cosmetic companies to advance safety

ChemFORWARD, a science-based, nonprofit organization, announces "Know Better, Do Better," the first-of-its kind collaboration of industry-leading beauty companies Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Credo, Beautycounter, and The Honest Company, as well as ingredient designer lnolex and the global nonprofit organization Environmental Defense Fund. These stakeholders are banding together to promote the use of safer chemistry and improve chemical hazard data to enable informed decision making.

"Access to sound scientific safety data is a baseline responsibility for all of us in the personal care industry. Together with like minded pilot partners we're helping fill data gaps and bring transparency of chemical safety information to the forefront." Lisa Gandolfi, PhD, VP Marketing, lnolex

In the US, cosmetic chemicals are not required to have hazard (or safety) data in order to come onto the consumer market. The $91 billion U.S. cosmetics industry uses thousands of unique chemicals to create formulations and packaging for skin care, hair care and makeup products. While the cosmetics industry is ahead of several other sectors on ingredient safety testing and disclosure, data gaps still exist.

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