At INOLEX, we are passionate about people and powered by chemistry. What you put on your body matters—and we know that the right ingredients make the difference.


We work closely with leading beauty care brands around the world, combining core scientific expertise with a deep understanding of market needs to deliver safe, effective and sustainable ingredients.


Throughout our 125 year history, INOLEX has been on the forefront of applying new technologies to anticipate and develop unique solutions. Today, we remain an independent, family-owned business, dedicated to transforming the possibilities of beauty care materials for the future. 


It is our objective to enhance every consumer product that we can through our ingredients. For us, that starts by thinking differently, listening to the needs of our partners, and staying agile in our approach. It also means being conscientious of our impact on the environment and conducting our business in a mindful way. 


Our actions speak for themselves: INOLEX products address major market needs through our alternative preservation systems, silicone-replacements, natural ingredients, palm-free products, and other green chemistry-based ingredients.  We balance lab and nature to create sustainable, life ingredients.


INOLEX operates offices around the world. Our local identity helps us appreciate distinct cultural approaches to beauty care. Combined with our spirit of collaboration and custom applications platform for clients, we are advancing the beauty care industry for consumers—one ingredient at a time.



We are Client-Focused.

  • We are in the solutions business. There’s no one side. It takes open dialogue, a desire to understand our client’s needs and a willingness to find solutions to the things that keep them up at night.

We are Person-to-Person

  • Before chemistry, strategy and business, comes people. The people who work at INOLEX, the people who partner with us, and the people who use products that contain our ingredients every day.

We are Innovative.

  • Our actions speak for themselves. Browse our innovative products that deliver leading-edge solutions.

We are Passionate.

  • Work with us and you’ll see our enthusiasm—from our applications lab personnel, to our client-facing team, to our R&D group.

We are True to our Word. 


  • In the late 1800’s, DB Martin Company began producing fatty acids, rendered fat for oil lamps.
  • By the mid 1900’s, scientists began applying ester technology for personal care and lubricants products.
  • In 1970’s the company was sold to American Can (now Travelers/Citi) and rebranded as INOLEX. In the early 1980’s the business was acquired by the Plimpton family which has owned INOLEX ever since.
  • Over the next two and half decades, INOLEX began to develop and launch a variety of specialty products for the industrial lubricant and personal care markets.
  • We further emphasized our commitment to specialty products with the divesture of our polyester / urethane business in 2007.
  • As we strengthened our partnerships with leading brands across the globe, our world-wide presence grew – establishing offices in France, Germany, China, Japan, and Brazil.
  • Our acquisition of French natural extracts company ieS Labo in 2015 demonstrated a continued commitment to providing our clients with high quality, natural ingredients.
  • In 2016, INOLEX divested of its industrial lubricants division, to fully focus on the Beauty Care market.
  • Today we celebrate 125 years of technology, innovation and excellence, with a clear plan for continued growth in alternative, natural and green chemistry.