Cover Up Mineral Foundation SPF 45


This water-in-oil foundation has a medium to full coverage finish with high SPF for the ultimate daily protection. It spreads and blends easily on the skin with uniform coverage.

Cover Up Mineral Foundation SPF 45


Item Trade Name Ingredient (INCI) (w/w)%
1 EasyNov™ Octyldodecanol (and) Octyldodecyl Xyloside (and) PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate 3.00
2 SustOleo™ TSB* Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil 2.00
3 LexFeel™ Vibrant MB* Palm Acid/Adipic Acid/Pentaerythritol Crosspolymer 2.00
4 Lexorez™ 200 MB* Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid/Glycerin Cross polymer 2.00
5 LexFeel™ 7 Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate 21.00
6 Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide 9.30
7 Unipure Black LC989 NFW R CF CI 77499 (and) Rosa Centifolia Flower Wax (and) Rosa Damascena Flower Wax (and) Cera Alba 0.10
8 Unipure Red LC381 NFW R CF CI 77491 (and) Rosa Centifolia Flower Wax (and) Rosa Damascena Flower Wax (and) Cera Alba 0.30
9 Titanium Dioxide Titanium Dioxide 9.50
10 Unipure Yellow LC182 NFW R CF CI 77492 (and) Rosa Centifolia Flower Wax (and) Rosa Damascena Flower Wax (and) Cera Alba 0.80
11 Deionized Water Water 45.00
12 Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate 1.00
13 Glycerin Glycerin 3.00
14 Spectrastat™* Caprylhydroxamic Acid (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Glycerin 1.00

Processing Procedure

  1. Combine Items 4 – 10 (main batch) together and disperse pigment uniformly using SpeedMixer at 3500 rpm for 30 sec.
  2. Add Items 1 – 3 to main batch and heat to 80 °C.
  3. Combine Items 11 – 13, propeller mix and heat to 80 °C.
  4. Emulsify when both phases reach 80 °C, add Items 11 – 13 to main batch slowly over the duration of 5 to 7 min while homogenizing at 4500 rpm.
  5. Transfer to propeller mixing for cooling.
  6. At 45 °C, add Item 14 with propeller mixing and mix uniformly.
  7. Discontinue mixing at 25 °C to 35 °C.

Physical Properties

Viscosity @ 25 °C (Brookfield DV1MRV; Spindle T-C @ 10 rpm) = 120,000 – 140,000 cps


45 ºC (12 weeks), 50 ºC (2 weeks), F/T (3 cycles)


SPF: FDA 2011, in-vivo on 3 subjects, 80 min water resistance

Critical Wavelength: FDA method

Preservative Efficacy Testing: EP-A, EP-B, PCPC, USP

Ingredient Function

LexFeel™ Vibrant MB: A unique polymeric wax with a soft texture, enhances the color pay-off, skin-feel, and vibrancy of pigments.

Lexorez™ 200 MB: This flexible film former creates an even coverage of pigments on the skin. It also improves transfer resistance and longer wear properties.

Spectrastat™ : Alternative preservation system to protect the formulation against bacteria, yeast, and mold. See challenge testing information.

LexFeel™ 7: Pigments are dispersed in this sensory enhancer. LexFeel 7 is light, fast spreading, and is an excellent emollient for dispering both color pigments and all types of UV filters.

SustOleo™ TSB: Structuring agent and texturing agent provides a buttery soft and moisturzing texture.

Natural Origin Content

ISO 16128, includes water: 76%